Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Americans used smartphones and tablets more than PCs to access the internet during the last month. Not a surprise to the team at WJM and we have the data to prove it. Largely the reason is ready at hand availability, faster mobile devices and lower cost. At WJM – Web Jumps Mobile, we have been developing websites since 1996 and have never witnessed the rapid change as we are seeing this year.

Mobile takes a Jump over the Web!

Mobile devices accounted for 55% of the internet usage in the United States, according to comScore. PC’s were used 45% of the time. This trend will likely increase significantly in late 2014 and 2015. Each month we are seeing an increase in mobile traffic.   Recently we had meeting with several senior Google Executives.  If there was any single theme or message, it was “In 2015, You had better be Mobile Friendly, Period”

Be Ready or get lost….. Big companies are getting the jump to building three or four versions for their website. WJM has a mobile responsive platform that is affordable to any small business.

WJM has a history of making things happen. We Build on time. Our sites work.

We create both scalable and cost effective eCommerce sites to help you get new customers and grow your business. Bill and the family have been building websites for over 18 years.  The Company has developed more than 500 Magento, ASP, PHP and WordPress sites in the past few years. Through our Jumping Mobile system, we have crafted a compelling user experience through our strategic plan that will drive traffic and convert site visitors into returning customers.

Is Your Website Hacker Protected??

"This website may harm your computer" or 'Danger Malware may be on this website", means trouble ahead.   None of our clients want to see this on their website.

A number of our clients have been hacked over the years.  As Hacker protection and intrusion detection systems get better, the hacker gets better.  It is a circle of cat and mouse.
“Why should I invest in a .com when a .net or .org is cheaper?”  We hear this question frequently. The truth is there are several reasons why a .Com is a better investment for the long term growth and sustainability of your company.

Read more about why your company should take the plunge with a dot com.
Consumers spent more time with mobile applications over the past year means that Americans now spend more time on a smartphone than they do accessing the internet from desktops, according to comScore data.

That threshold was passed for the first time last month when Americans spent 46.6% of their total internet time with mobile apps.